Sunday, May 24, 2009

subscription poker

I won my first tournament =) but then lost my chips on the tables instead. On they have subscription poker for $20 a month, but I will not spend money on texas holdem yet.

The question is: can you win real money on replaypoker? and I found this answer.

No, currently ReplayPoker is for play money only. However from time to time we run promotions offering real money prizes.

For about a month ago they had $500 SIT AND GO MADNESS Promotion, and the winners was:
1st Place: "Micke69" - $250
2nd Place: "T-TREX 99" - $150
3rd Place: "NameMe" - $100

And maybe I will win a few dollars next time they have sit and go promotion.
Now I will play some free texas hold em and try to win more chips. Bye all and...


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