Saturday, May 16, 2009

Texas Holdem

My husband play online poker and I asked him if there are many female players. And he said to me there are many great female poker players. And my second question is - can you earn some money on online poker? Yes of course you can earn a lot of money on online poker, if you only know how to play texas holdem.

I decided to learn all about texas holdem and see if I can be a good poker player. The first thing I have to do it's find a site where I don't have to play for money, a friend recommend good Free texas holdem site and she helped me to create a user account.(though it's easy to create account, but needed all the help to get started)


The first thing I must do is write a little about myself in my profile and then read all the poker rules. Wow .. what many rules it was... I decided that I start to play and check out all the poker terms when I don't understand and have a problem with my poker game. But first I must find out what the flop / turner / river how am I supposed to understand everything and will I be a good poker player???

My husband and friend said they could help me, but I said, -I should learn it myself and test whether I can become a good poker player and make money in this. When I'm good enough and can play poker, I will try to bet $200 and test how much you can win/lose in poker. But first I'll learn all about texas holdem and it can take a while.

I start to play on a low table where the stakes are 1/2 and I lost 100 chips, but it was my first game and it was fun, even if I lost.

Will be blogging about my adventures at the poker table and see how long it takes to become a good player and be able to earn money on texas holdem.

And have you never played texas holdem. I can recommend a good site where you can learn to play without risking any money.