Wednesday, May 27, 2009

multi Table Tournaments

Have lost everything again. What am I doing wrong??? I have high pockets (K,K) and one player go all in and of course I can't fold a good hand. He had Small pockets(6,6) and the flop showed 6,3,8 and then on the turner he got the last 6. It was no fun at all.

I took a little break in the poker games (in 3 days). It was no fun to play when i always lose. But now I'm back on the track again. replaypoker has started with a new multi tables tournament and it seemed to be a fun tournament. I will try it and hopefully i have luck now.

On the low stakes tables many players go all-in all the time and it's sucks, it's not fun to play poker with "all-in peoples". My friend plays on medium/high stakes tables and she told me that it's more poker game on medium/high. And i must win more chip so I can play with more pro players.

Bye all and now I will go and play multi tournaments on replaypoker.


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