Monday, May 18, 2009

Free Texas Holdem

My first day on replaypoker was to try to figure out what flop/turner/river meant in poker playing.
The flop: The flop consists of three cards, these cards are dealt to the table after the first betting round is completed.
The turn: This card is dealt when the flop betting round is completed.
The river: This card is dealt when the turn betting round is completed.

My first days on replaypoker:
when I started playing on replaypoker, I had 2700 in the bank, and it was a good amount to start with. Lose pretty fast on the tables. Maybe because I don't really understand all the rules yet. But after a while I win some chip anyway. I looked around and see that they have tournaments also, great I'll try it later. replaypoker has also medium/high stakes table.

You can win various awards and chip also, it's perhaps good for us that don't play for money.
I get a little help of my husband and friend when I don't really know what a good hand is, and if I should call or fold. When I stopped playing last night I had 2857 chip in the bank.

Now I'll play free texas hold em and I'll be right back and write more about my adventures at the poker tables.


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