Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Free Texas Hold em

It goes badly with my poker game. It's really difficult to play texas holdem. I thought it would be easy to play, but that will probably take some time to learn. Have lost all my chips, lucky for me that I can borrow more chips on the bank.

replaypoker has 3 different card games:

texas holdem: I'll try to teach me.

Royal Holdem :Royal Holdem is a version of texas holdem, played without deuces through nines, leaving only the tens, jacks, queens, kings, and aces.

Omaha: rules are based on Texas Holdem with these main differences:Players are dealt four pocket cards. Player MUST use two pocket cards and three community cards to make the best possible poker hand.

My husband thinks I should try to play tournaments instead, it's much more fun he says, so I will try next time I play on replaypoker.

And by the way, my nickname is mypoker on replaypoker


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