Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Common poker words in the chat box

When I started to play poker, I had big problems to understand what people wrote in the chat. My native language is not English and the first time I ever played online poker, I was a bit confused when player started to use poker words  in the chat box.

I will try to explain the most common words that poker room use on the chat

  • n1- nice one                                   
  • ty- thank you

  • nh- nice hand                                  
  • gg- good game

  • g1- good one                                  
  • gl/gla- good luck/all

  • gb- good bet                                    
  • tnx/tx- thanks

  • np- no problem/nice play                
  • yw- you are welcome

  • omg- oh my god                              
  • brb- be right back

  • pp- pocket par                              
  • lol- laugh out loud

  • nb- nice bet                                      
  • m8- mate/friend

  • str8- a straight                                  
  • yw- you wish

  • vnh- very nice hand                          
  • nc- nice call

  • nh- nice hand                                    
  • gp- god play

  • wp- well played                                 

  • u2- you too

  • bbl- be back later

And three words that I don't like and believe shouldn't be use in a community poker room is: stuf - Shut The F*** Up, ffs- For F***’s Sake and fu- f*** you. I presenting this words for you because it's very common words at the poker rooms. I never use this  words and players that use the f-words is they that starting to losing money at the tables.
And remember if you can not afford to lose money at poker, you shouldn't play with real money. All poker sites can offer you to play free poker.
Have fun and see you at the poker tables.


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  3. Thanks for the article. I have been playing a lot of poker lately and some of the terms in chat have been confusing me. This post really helps clear it up and understand what some abbreviations for poker terms are

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